Eco-printed scarves

I was rifling through some of the wool and silk items that I packed away protectively during summer, (when clothes m*ths are breeding) and realised I still have three scarf blanks that were given to me by friends. One is a wool gauze, I think.

2015-06-22 12.11.24

One is probably silk scrim.

2015-06-22 12.11.42

And the other looks like a finer grade of still quite open-weave silk.

2015-06-22 12.11.08

I had an idea for how they might find happy homes, and after some days of wishing but not finding time…

2015-06-22 12.56.01

These leaves were collected in the neighbourhood as they fell from trees lining a driveway.  And of course, eucalyptus!  One pot had a madder exhaust in it, because madder is never really exhausted as far as I can tell.

2015-06-22 13.04.21

Out they came…

2015-06-23 07.56.41

The silk scrim will need another dye bath, I think. The other two made me very happy–and this is good, because I planned for them to be part of my daughter’s birthday present.  I tried a different folding and wrapping strategy on the wool and love the way it came out.  The tie resist marks were great–

2015-07-01 09.36.15

There are leafy parts and abstract parts, parts that are burgundy or grey-black and others that are more orange.

2015-07-01 09.37.16

I tend to get more muted colours on silk, and this was no exception.  Still lovely, and just as important in this case, different.

2015-07-01 09.39.34

I hope she will like them both.  She lives in a colder part of the country and she does love a good scarf.

2015-07-01 09.40.13

And now… they have been folded, wrapped, tied with hand made string and placed in the post!

2015-07-01 09.37.48


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19 responses to “Eco-printed scarves

  1. Susan

    Love the tie resist marks! Thanks.


  2. Yes, yes, those resist marks are heavenly but all looks delicious from where I’m sittin’ …. ;>)


  3. Beautiful, colour, marks, organic-abstract look… She will be delighted!
    (I wish I was like madder:)


  4. Lovely leaf prints, I wish we had the eucalpyts over here that make the red.


    • Hi Debbie, thank you! It would be hard for these tress to grow in your climate, for sure. I have lost the capacity to comment on blogger recently but have been over looking at your blog. I hope that fabulous dress in dupion comes out just as you dream of it!


  5. lovely sure to be cherished … I love discovering different ways to wrap a bundle to get those wonderous marks


  6. What Christi said. Delicious.


  7. Woo hoo to a super mum! They are all lovely specially those tie marks. Happy weekend – Hugs Nat


  8. marieandtheappletree

    Can you use onion skins instead of madder? Can you use any eucalyptus leaves ? Can you use store bought soy milk as mordant ?


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