Simple, pleasurable embroidery

2017-04-14 09.42.48

I have been embroidering some small bags.  They came with crowd sourced underwear (organic, fair trade) in them, with all the good information about the product printed onto unbleached calico.  Seven bags in all!  I decided to convert them to loveliness and started with dyeing them in indigo.  They are all slightly different shades of blue, some having been dipped more times than others.

2017-04-14 09.42.11

I am not a sophisticated embroiderer.  But I keep being given cast off embroidery thread, so there was no shortage of thread and no shortage of portable canvases for stitching.

2017-04-14 09.42.01

So I tried several patterns and admit I still enjoy the spiral most of all.

2017-04-14 09.41.45

One of the bags went travelling with my Mum when she was looking for a simple project, so then there were six.

2017-04-14 09.41.27

And after all these adventures in stitching, there is yet one waiting to be embroidered.

2017-04-14 09.41.19

I learned some things about how to store embroidery thread from the heritage items that have come to me, some of them in tangles, some in the original skeins, and some wrapped on cardboard shapes that keep the thread neat without taking up a lot of space and using something that comes into the house all the time.  Thank you to those women whose hands have held these threads already and whose minds have touched mine however distantly in this way.

2017-04-04 08.52.22

In the middle of all this my mother-out-law sent me her stash of embroidery threads in pastel colours, so some of them have gone into the project too.  So much pleasure from running stitch…

2017-04-14 09.40.58


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16 responses to “Simple, pleasurable embroidery

  1. Debbie Daniels

    They are all beautiful.
    Lucky people who receive them.

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  2. What a very satisfying title and post! I love all my vintage thread and use it all the time. I recently went searching for ‘stuff’ in a shoe box full of notions that belonged to my late aunt. Oh the joy of the beautiful cotton sewing threads – all made in Australia! – that I found. I think I will keep putting it away for a few months so I can enjoy ‘finding’ it again in the future.

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  3. norma

    Beauty in simplicity I think

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  4. Love your embroidery, didn’t know about this company tried to order but out of stock in my size, will try again.

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  5. Khendra

    I really like your embroidery, especially the spiral forms, and every time you post them, I feel I want to make something like that, too. But there are so many things waiting to be done, and most are not even craft related, so it just hasn’t happened so far. I hope you keep posting more of it aling the way and one day I will also pick up spiral embroidery.

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  6. Audrey

    I patched some jeans using running stitch. I do enjoy wearing them.

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    • Running stitch is so versatile, isn’t it? I did the same thing with the knee of my gardening jeans recently and I’m loving it too. Thanks for commenting, Audrey!


  7. So pretty! Hope the recovery is running along too. 🙂

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  8. Bec Plumbe

    I’m wearing Mighty Good right now! 😉


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