Guerilla planting: bladder saltbush edition

Some months back, friends and neighbours helped weed out and sheet mulch a part of the guerilla garden where veldt grass has been extending its hold. This effort was pretty successful, so this autumn I put in bladder saltbush to give some diversity to what is mostly ruby saltbush with some bluebush and a couple of bladder saltbush at this site.

This is my first guerilla gardening site and it looks so much better than it used to!

There are a couple of spots here, with some rhagodia as well as the ruby saltbush. And all of looking good and green. No more weed spraying and far fewer weeds. No more trampling the root zone of the E Scoparia!

I love that I can now propagate from the first bladder saltbush I ever grew, at this site–they create seeds and I keep planting them!

Someone had cut back the nearby melaleuca and left it on the ground so I added in some gentle mulch. And then, home again, with very little rubbish and just an out of date sign removed to add to my compost pile!


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8 responses to “Guerilla planting: bladder saltbush edition

  1. That looks great and so rewarding to see that garden thriving.👏👏👏

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  2. janewheelercouk

    that is so impressive, congratulations on making such a difference

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  3. Sue Hetzel

    It looks like bushland now, not a rubbish heap. Congratulations!!

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  4. Rhonda

    The gardening is producing fabulous results , well done.
    Do you eat salt bush ?
    SBS has some interesting salt bush recipes that may be worth exploring.

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