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Blind to Banner, Again

You know how I was making half of a discarded blind into a banner a while back?  Well, my beloved committed to our creating a banner for an inclusion initiative at her workplace recently.  A banner to be carried into a rally we went to recently in favour of changing Australian law to allow people of the same sex to marry. It took a lot of measurement and higher order mathematics due to the sheer amount of text.  But in the end the banner looked pretty good.  And it had glitter! And it was quite good to go home to a project about ending homophobia and being inclusive, after sending time at a bus stop several times that same week where I realised that the church which has a space in the adjoining shopping centre is supporting the “It’s OK to say no” position.  It is OK to say no.  Of course.  People can do as they please, in the context of the faith they follow.  I am less convinced that they should be able to impose these views on others’ choices, and faiths are multiple in our world.  But I feel I am in the presence of people who do not believe that me and mine deserve equality before the law, when I am at that bus stop and their neon sign advertises their views to all who pass. So here we are expressing our views, albeit to a much more limited audience. With a big thank you to whomever abandoned their unloved blind on the footpath.

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