Small beginnings

It’s a cold, windy and wet night tonight.  So I’ve tucked myself in at home and I’m finally starting up a blog where I’m hoping to tell some stories about my passion for making… it is certainly a night for staying warm.  A night for slippers and shawl and spinning wheel, I think!

In posts to come, I’ll be talking about growing and dyeing with plants, spinning yarn, sewing, knitting and other slow ways of bringing into being things that are hand made, useful, lovely and one-of-a-kind.

I love to source what I can locally and to reuse when I can.  Today I’ve been preparing hand spun yarns, including some dyed with Eucalyptus leaves and bark, because I’ve decided to enter the local show.  Last year I was sad to see how few spinning entries there were.  So, I’ve entered several categories where I hope to show people who come to look that spinning isn’t a dying craft!

Here is one of my entries: corespun natural fibres on a simulplied core (using techniques learned from the work of the wonderful Jacey Boggs).  The orange fibre is eucalypt dyed merino and the pale pink is finely shredded eucalypt printed linen fabric.

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