Neighbourhood dyeplants from the backyard

There are some big trees in my neighbourhood.  Some are Eucalyptus Citriodora (lemon scented gum), which is a spectacular tree but gives no colour to speak of.  On the other hand, in summer it drops so many leaves I can collect sackfuls for mulch and chook bedding and they smell awesome.

One of the other major street tress around here is E Sideroxylon (Mugga, red ironbark).  My neighbour has one in the backyard.  Right next to it is a Grevillea Robusta (Silky Oak), also native to Australia.  Mugga leaves give orange and the silky oak gives a sensational yellow, also from the leaves.  Here is the Mugga–with some detail of the leaves:

Here is the tree–hard to give a sense of scale.  There are some huge specimens planted as street trees in my suburb, but presumably in a forest they would be still bigger!

And here are both trees, side by side.

On a much smaller scale, there are Eucalypts I have read about in the work of other dyers which I haven’t found growing in my wanderings around my city (well, not that I was able to recognise as yet)  So I also have some in pots.

E Nicholii on the left and E Melliodora on the right.  I have done a few leaf prints with these two but there is no immediate danger I’ll be dyeing a skein of wool with them!  Eventually I might need to find a spot in the neighbourhood that needs a tree and plant them where they can grow  taller…

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