Flax fibres 2

At the end of a lot of hand picking and an experiment with hand cards, with more chaff spreading around the place at every stage… I was left with this: some longer fibres and some tow, still with quite a bit of chaff attached.

I decided to try spinning despite this falling quite a way short of optimal preparation.  Yes, this is the total amount of fibre!  Yes, I have spun flax before (and it looks like yarn–do I sound defensive?).  And yes, when I found that last bit of fibre hiding in one of the many teatowels used in the process after I had taken the flax off the bobbin, I was annoyed.

Ah, the profound sense of achievement!  I think I can manage to resist boiling this string yarn in an alkaline solution and instead, I’ll go direct to vacuuming the chaff…


Filed under Fibre preparation, Spinning

2 responses to “Flax fibres 2

  1. indiedyer

    at least you haven’t vacuumed up your sense of humour 🙂


  2. Salvital

    Yes, it’s not exactly luxurious fibre is it? All part of the great experiment though!


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