E Kingsmillii subsp Alatissima

How spectacular is E Kingsmillii (Kingsmill’s Mallee; wing-fruited mallee)?


Perhaps the tree doesn’t seem obviously wonderful.  The buds are truly glorious!


And so are the flowers and the fruits.  It turned out I was photographing this tree outside the Botanical Gardens centre for plant diversity.  My eucalypt admiration was shared with a woman who came by and offered me more information, so I told her about this beauty being a dye plant.  It isn’t every day you get this kind of fun on your way to a conference!


And… for me this is a happy result, pulled from the copper at the Guild as a test during our workshop.  I am so prejudiced in the matter of red.  I just love it…



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4 responses to “E Kingsmillii subsp Alatissima

  1. salhumphreys

    It’s possible we need to workshop your prejudices …


  2. I have been keenly collecting the leaves of mallee eucalypts as we travel widely through outback Australia. We have collected Euc.kingsmillii sbsp kingsmillii as well as sub sp. alatissima. They both gave me orange colour when dyeing silk broadcloth. A great surprise and reward.


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