I had a few leftovers from a spinning workshop I held recently.  I made sure workshop participants took away all the roving I’d dyed and braided and all the batts I’d made, so they could practice at home. And we made more batts as part of the workshop and that was fun too.  But there were little bits left from demonstrating techniques.  Sometimes leftovers are the best part of a meal, and I really enjoyed spinning up the pink and purple end of a piece of roving, and corespinning one gloriously red batt–merino, silk and green sparkly stuff.  And that meant I found the neglected bobbins of eucalyptus-dyed merino that I had blended with some commercially dyed merino/silk in golds and reds.  So those singles finally got plied.  It’s nice to be back at the wheel.  It’s been too hot for dyepots!



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8 responses to “Leftovers

  1. Pia

    Just playing with colour for no greater purpose is nice sometimes. I need to get back to the wheel as well, winter is back, it’s storming half a hurricane and seems to want to keep going into next week, I guess it’ll have to count for excercise! 😉


  2. Last night I dreamt I was in Australia, driving down a long road to a cattle ranch. And at one point, I looked over, and there were children playing in a sprinkler because it was so hot. This was a new one on me. 🙂

    Those skeins look like fun! I really want to start spinning on a wheel—it is so soothing and satisfying.


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