Tribeca shirt

At last, the piece of lovely fabric I was speaking about toward the end of this post has become a garment.  The fabric is a silk/hemp blend from Margaret River Hempco.  The pattern is the Tribeca Shirt from the Sewing Workshop.  The leaf prints use India Flint’s techniques and Eucalyptus Scoparia leaves.


I invested in this pattern because I have been making the same unisex shirt from McCall’s for years in different fabrics.  It is an oversized shirt with collar, collar stand, button bands, plackets and cuffs.  I’ve had great value from that pattern, making it for myself numerous times and for other people from time to time. Sometimes I’ve made it with collar stand and no collar, or a differently shaped collar.  I’ve made it from recycled linen tablecloths, lovely quilting fabrics and even a screenprint from an Indigenous business on the Tiwi Islands.


I wanted something different and I decided on this.  It really was different.  No facings, no cuffs, the funnel neck involves no collar, and the whole shirt is designed for french seams. I had a failure of nerve prior to setting in the sleeves using french seams and had to set it aside for a couple of days!  The buttonholes are placed over a patch sewn to the reverse side.  Shaping is achieved with darts.  This is really interesting but also really efficient sewing.


The level of instruction in the pattern worked well for me.  As usual, the bodies contemplated by the pattern measurements and my own body seemed to have little in common.  My pattern adjustment skills are better than they have ever been but could still use improvement–just the same, the result has me feeling really happy.  I had enough fabric leftover to cut out a second, simple shirt which is now waiting for my attention. Now all I need is the right occasion for a first outing.



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8 responses to “Tribeca shirt

  1. You are such an inspiration! The shirt is wonderful!
    I have two yards of hemp/silk fabric sitting in my ‘studio’…… I got as far as washing the fabric, and soaking it in soy milk (several months ago). But haven’t had the nerve to dye it yet!
    After seeing this shirt, I just may have to try and dye my fabric this weekend. I am in ‘need’ of a new blouse. 🙂


  2. megviney

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  3. MMMM…. I can feel that new sewing machine is on top of the list as I am re discovering my dressmaking skills thanks for the inspiration:)


  4. salhumphreys

    You should post a picture with you inside the shirt! Bring out its full glory.


  5. That is a fabulous shirt. Which hemp /silk have you used – there are two – one is a little more lustrous than the other. I have also got some nice results using hemp/silk but nothing as spectacular as this. 🙂


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