Eucalyptus Leptophylla; Eucalyptus Gillii

I love botanical gardens, where the trees are helpfully labelled.  In Adelaide, this is true even of those outside the grounds… which is how I came to take a few leaves from E Leptophylla.


For lovers of brown, this might be a viable dye plant.  I’m still working on loving brown for most applications.  I tend to think brown sheep are made for creating brown wool.  But I’m blessed with access to coloured sheep fleece, and not everyone is so lucky.


I have to say that it is more of a dye prospect than E Gillii.  A friend has this beautiful plant growing in his backyard, so I tried it out some time ago and got smudgy tan marks and no more.  It’s best admired for loveliness of leaf and flower in my view.  I also tried Chinese elm–no colour at all.


A visit to the botanical gardens, even when I am really outside the gates, is never wasted.

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Filed under Dye Plants, Eucalypts, Leaf prints, Natural dyeing

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