Waste not want not

Having made two shirts from my length of leaf-printed hemp/silk, I was left with a selection of mostly quite small pieces.  Other people have clever ways of designing that don’t leave waste but use the whole length of fabric.  Not me.  Maybe I’ll learn this one day.  But I have my ways.  I cut all the pieces into rectangles and squares.


Then I start piecing them together and matching sizes.


I stitch them into bigger and bigger pieces, until I can decide whether to make a bag or a cushion cover or whatever seems to suit the fabric and design.  Finally all I have left are useable pieces of patchwork.


And a really small pile of scraps.


And of course, the second shirt.



Filed under Eucalypts, Leaf prints, Sewing

5 responses to “Waste not want not

  1. wonderfully resourceful! the shirts are just beautiful. The bitty scraps would still work for collages if you do those or know someone who does.


  2. That is an awesome shirt. Love it.


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