It has been a time of preparation, lately.  I’ve been on a fleece washing project.  After months of thinking I should wash while it is still warm but feeling quite unable to begin, apparently the change in the weather (toward autumn) brought on the sense that fleece washing would be possible. I have washed all that remained of over 3 kg of grey corriedale and some white alpaca for good measure.  My motley collection of drying apparatus have all been in use.  I still have a lot of high-grease polwarth and a filthy corriedale to wash.


A bunch of friends got together to make passata and I was too sick to go and join in the fun.  However, my partner went along and I put the results up in these jars preparing for the winter.  The Fowlers Vacola outfit is steaming on the stove as I type.


Our freezer is full of pesto from all the basil of this summer.


I have some Lincoln locks sitting waiting for cold dyes to fix .  And I had better get ready to use the drum carder!


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3 responses to “Preparing

  1. Pia

    So much lovely stuff! It really bugs me I didn’t get those net things when I was at IKEA, I have 8 kg of fleece to wash when it gets a bit warmer here! (Gotland and Wensleydale)


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