Leaves on wool

I have been planning some bundles for quite some time.  And, quite frankly, wanting to wear these woolies and not prepared to do that until they are dyed, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Finally, the time came!  Naturally, it came after the sun went down, and hence the quality of this picture.


The leaves were collected on a rainy day’s outing when we happened to be passing some trees I know of.  My companions were prepared to stop and humour me.  They stayed in the car and I studiously ignored passersby while harvesting.  This one is E Calycogona Calycogona. Front:






E Kingsmillii Alatissima: Front


Back:  IMAG1773

And a particularly lovely detail:


I think it would have been better if these bundles spent longer in the pot and my sense of design was better… but I am nevertheless happy.  Just between you & me, I like heading out into the world with secret leaves twining up (or down) my body.  Secret, since these are layers which I don’t usually wear on the outside.  It’s a quiet comfort, especially given the extra warmth of the wool.


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12 responses to “Leaves on wool

  1. Wow! Those are gorgeous!


  2. That would be the most gorgeous line of underpinnings!


  3. They’re beautiful!
    Let nature be the designer!! 🙂


  4. Beautiful depth of colour … fabulous as outerwear …


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  7. Zunaira

    Can u plese tell me what was the mordant you used i used these leaves to but my leaves color was not like yours its lovely color please let me know how this color came.

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    • Hello Zunaira, I did not use a mordant. Eucalyptus leaves will create a fast colour on wool without a mordant. It may be that the leaves you used were different? When I get really different results from what I believe to be the same species, it usually turns out that I have mis- identified the tree.


  8. Sônia Oliveira

    O que utilizou para o transporte da cor das folhas para o tecido?


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