Davidson’s Plum

In the interests of experimentation, when I came across some fallen Davidson’s Plums recently, I picked them up and carried them home.  As you do!


This is a rainforest tree, native to Queensland: Davidsonia Pruriens.


It’s narrow and tall and the fruit are surprisingly large (many native fruits are small by comparison with the European cultivated fruits they reminded colonists about).


There might be a way to get colour from these fruits.  But the way I chose (cooking the fruit and applying to alum mordanted fibre) is not really one of them.  The alum mordanted wool turned a pale tan–and this may be a generous interpretatio– and the alum mordanted silk became ever such a pastel shade of apricot.

IMAG1775 (1)


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5 responses to “Davidson’s Plum

  1. This is one if my favorite fruits … I have 4 trees that are coming into flower now they make the best Jam!! They also gave me great colour bundled in silk.


    • So there is a way to get colour from them! Well done. Good to hear they make great jam. I don’t think I’ll ever have enough to try that but I have sampled Davidson’s Plum in various dishes and chutneys…


  2. you must have the most amazing collection of dye tests! How do you sort them all?


    • I punch a hole in each sample card and keep them on a big split ring. It’s true there are a lot of them… I have moved onto a second split ring! The leaf print samples get made into things. If I like them, they feature. If not, they might be lining, backing, patchwork….


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