Small things…

They say ‘small things amuse small minds’. I think that if you can be amused by small things, you can be amused and delighted on a regular basis.  And that small things are often delightful.  Moss, for instance.


This is such a small thing. I loved Cossack Design’s needle safe, and what with all the embroidery going on round here, I decided to make my own needle case.  I think the last one I made was created in my primary school years–both long gone. 
IMAG1919 (1)

I decided on golden stitching for the edges, so dyed some silk with Silky Oak (Grevillea Robusta) leaves.  A nod to Ida Grae of Nature’s Colors fame for the recipe, wherever she may now be.  Hopefully hale and hearty and dyeing away though apparently no longer publishing.  How wonderful that she figured out this dye plant–which is native to Australia–from California!


Here is the thread…


And the inside of the needle case. These two fine scraps of recycled woolen blanket and that lovely piece of cotton string saved for just such a special occasion have found happy homes at last.



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7 responses to “Small things…

  1. Pia

    This is very cute! I want my very own now. And yes to being delighted often rather than “large”.


  2. I should make a needle case too! I am always misplacing my needles, this would keep them confined to one place…… of course, knowing me, I would misplace my needle case! 🙂


  3. mstery

    It’s lovely. And yes there is much joy in small things especially ones that are useful


    • I’m in favour of useful, too. I recently made something just for display… and called the recipient just to check whether that seemed right to her, because I just about never make things without an actual use in mind.


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