Pecan leaf print bag

Pecans do grown in this part of the world, even if they are not terribly common.  A long while back I wrote about leaf printing with pecan leaves from our friends’ tree.  I have had it in mind all the while to make them something from those leaf prints.  Finally I have made good on this idea.  In fact, my beloved saw one of our pecan-growing friends yesterday and told her I’d made them a gift… so this bag is destined for the post sooner rather than later.

I started out with this sun-faded linen frock–the shades of colour you see are not effects of the sun falling on the fabric but the impact of fading.  I think I paid $2 for the frock at a red cross op shop.


The lining has a pocket from a recycled ramie shirt, and a patchworked panel of leaf printed silk offcuts from another recycled frock.  Here are the inside panels ready to be stitched to the rest of the lining.


The remainder of the lining is yellow.  A  long time ago there was shop in our neighbourhood that just sold offcuts from a sheet manufacturer, and having made entire quilts, bunting and bags from those offcuts I still have some left!  Here is the finished item on top of my madder patch.  The madder is appreciating the warmer weather–at least until it gets too hot for it to enjoy, and I am hoping my friends will like their present.

IMAG2214 (1)


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6 responses to “Pecan leaf print bag

  1. How could they not love it?! It’s a wonderful bag!!
    Did you leave the pocket on the backside?


    • No, the other outside panel has a mirror image pecan leaf print and the pocket is on the inside, as part of the lining. I took pictures of both sides but they looked so similar… I decided not to publish the other one! I am glad you think they’ll like it. I think so too. I think it will feel like a bit of a homage to a tree that they’ve nurtured into thriving after a difficult start.


  2. Deb

    Wonderful print. I had no idea pecan leaves would print like that. I am also jealous of your madder patch. I need to move to a warmer, more growing friendly climate! LOL!


    • There’s no doubt we have to make the most of what can happily grow where we’re living, is there? It was such a treat for me to have access to pecan leaves, I just couldn’t pass it up!


  3. My mum used pods? of pecans for dyeing…..I think a citrusy/green. And onion skins for bright yellow. Anyway it was a long time ago, but very vivid memories, hence feeling very comforted by the material in your blog. Thanks.


    • My Mum used Rit!! I loved hearing about your memories of your Mum, and it sounds like I should save pecan pods and shells and see what can happen, when I have the chance. Thanks for visiting the blog.


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