Silkworms: 2 week update

My goodness…  they just keep growing!



I don’t mean to sound surprised by this… and I am not sure how to make it interesting viewing, either.


It’s hard to even give a sense of scale… but I think they’re at least double the size they were last week, which isn’t bad going.  You can still see tinier silkworms amid the bigger ones in the images above.


And just for the curious, my parents inform me (based on first hand, childhood experience living in a country town with few mulberry trees) that a hungry silkworm will eat a grape vine leaf.  I tested this theory and mine definitely chose mulberry leaves over grape leaves–but a few were prepared to nibble on the grape leaves.  For today… mulberry leaf again!


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2 responses to “Silkworms: 2 week update

  1. My mum used to keep silkworms as a young girl. You don’t hear of many kids doing that now.


    • A lot of older (than me) people coming through the house have kept silkworms… and I am sharing them on to people with children. Since I got the first generation at a school fete, it seems that some children still keep silkworms…


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