Silkworms: 3 week update

This week’s update is a little late… But the silkworms grew hugely. Many shed their skins and moved on to the next stage of life.


There are so many I took about 50 to the guild yesterday and they went to happy homes!


I have expanded their accommodation and my hunt for mulberry leaves, and between our house guests and my beloved, they are getting an enormous amount of attention and concern for their wellbeing. But they seem to be doing well!



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6 responses to “Silkworms: 3 week update

  1. Your babies are getting huge!


    • Aren’t they? Mind you, I composed this post on my phone and I’m surprised to see how huge the pictures are… they give a good sense of the size of the wigglers though! Fresh leaves now visibly disappear.


  2. Wish I could send you mulberry leaves. The trees are are dreadful invasive species here….


  3. Felicity

    Seeing as you seem to have had a supply of leaves, I’m just wondering whether you have ever tried dyeing with the actual mulberries?


    • I did once, with fallen mulberries (we ate the rest!) But I don’t remember being impressed by the results. I haven’t had access to enough to do anything substantial since. Lots of the mulberries I harvested for leaves are white fruiting ones…


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