Drawstring bags

I have been using up smaller scraps of indigo dyed fabric. I decided on lined drawstring bags. The kind I like to use when carrying small knitting projects around. The linings allow the use of all kinds of little scraps.


These outers use some of the hemp I dyed with indigofera australis as well as the last of my wax resist indigo dyed fabric, and some with a delectable Australian designed print.


Here is the other side:


And here they are with cords drawn through their casings:


I also made some larger bags with small pieces of leaf printed recycled linen and another Australian print.


Surely this is the last of the famous brown ramie shirt and those hemp jeans! And I have found use for some pre-loved cord as well.


Filed under Eucalypts, Leaf prints, Sewing

6 responses to “Drawstring bags

  1. Sabine

    They are wonderful! I guess one can never have too many drawstring bags..:-)


    • Thanks… I think I could have too many, though I do use a lot… one of these (the one with the indigo print) went home with a friend last night. She had been thinking about indigo and we had quite a chat and then it came to me that she was the perfect recipient… and that’s how it tends to go round here! Sometimes I make things holding the intended recipient in my mind from start to finish, and other times I make something and then realise who might enjoy it and offer it to them.


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