Textured yarns and tea cosies

There has been quite a bit of tea cosy action around here…


This was the leftover from a yarn with felted leaves on it.  As it turned out, there were only a couple left!  I like the pennant effect… like a ship’s mast, or perhaps a circus tent. Then there is this corespun yarn, complete with silk and sparkle.


It went home after a film viewing at our house recently, to a happy new home.


Corespun but with the tips of the locks left to roam free… incredibly silly…


Oh… and there is this natural grey single with leftover silk thread from a friend’s handspinning and card weaving… and mohair and sari silk thread and suchlike…

IMAG3019 (2)

… and there are a few others from previous tea cosy jags lying about too…


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4 responses to “Textured yarns and tea cosies

  1. Pia

    Very cute freeform yarns and cosies! The purple one is just crazy, makes me smile.


  2. roma1912

    One can never have too many tea cosies , love them, the purple one is just fabulous lol


    • Thanks! It sounds like the purple one wins. I have more of that yarn here somewhere… I have been wondering whether to take crazy yarn and needles to the family Christmas event and offer to knit custom fit cosies for the hosting households… one of which would probably find this yarn hilarious!


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