Leaf prints of the week: Pecan and Eucalyptus on cotton

Last week there was some leaf printing. Eucalyptus Scoparia leaves, one of my favourites.


Pecan leaves, inspired by Lotta Helleberg (when I went to her blog to insert this link there was an especially delectable pecan leaf printed fabric on show, by complete coincidence) and by a wonderful lunch with friends who have a pecan tree. The leaves have been patiently waiting in my freezer.


Let me admit right here and now that I had some alum and tannin mordanted fabric which took no colour at all–I must have made some kind of mistake there!


As always, the thrill of seeing good things begin to emerge.


Then waiting to unwrap bundles.  I saved these until I had a friend over for dinner who I realised would enjoy the reveal as much as I do.


Some pecan prints were better than others, but the good ones are lovely.


And the Eucalyptus leaf prints were all I hoped for and more.



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6 responses to “Leaf prints of the week: Pecan and Eucalyptus on cotton

  1. dyefeltsool

    Lovely prints and kind of you to share the reveal. Sometimes I’m too impatient to wait 🙂


  2. Sabine

    What a delight! It’s probably a daft question – do you already know what the cotton wants to become? Daft, because I’ve just received a parcel from my mum with hand knitted socks and slippers as well as a book of a German pattern treasury. It has all the hand written patterns of two German women of the 1800s – some familiar, some intriguingly different. I started knitting a complicated pattern without any clue what it will become. Usually, my swatches turn into “something” pretty soon, or just stay a thing of beauty. Your printed cottons are definitely things of great beauty…


    • Thanks so much! That parcel sounds amazing. I am trying to print cotton for a quilt but keep getting other wild ideas… So let’s see if this part makes it to the quilt!


  3. Beautiful! The unwrapping must have been such fun! I love how the eucalyptus leaves are layed out, makes a lovely pattern!


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