Eucalyptus Rummeryi

A eucalyptus windfall will often get my attention… and never more so than when the tree is one I have never tried and which a more knowledgeable person has labelled for the edification of passersby such as myself.  E Rummeryi is native to NSW but seen here growing in Botanic Park, slim, straight and already tall.




Immature fruit:


In flower, but quite high up and on a breezy day (this is a way of apologising for the quality of the picture)!


Results from a standard dye pot…



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4 responses to “Eucalyptus Rummeryi

  1. Thanks! It’s always nice to see what a new variety of eucalyptus will produce!


  2. Sabine

    Forgive me for focussing on language instead of eucalyptus and dyeing: I admire your ability as a word smith as much as your dyeing results. Being German, I especially love your long sentences. And since it’s not easy to use the word “edification” in an every-day sentence, I found “for the edification of passersby” very elegant!


    • Oh Sabine, you have me laughing here! Certainly no apology is needed for a compliment… I have tried and tried to give up using long sentences, but it seems I can’t do it. I am really glad someone appreciates them… For most they are just hard to understand 🙂


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