Leaf Print of the Day


This glorious tree is in full bud near my parents’ house.


I have had colour from the buds before, but they are still very small at present. You can see how spectacular it will be to have flowers in such profusion when the time comes!


An entire branch had fallen to the ground: too good an opportunity to pass up.  I was on my bike that day, so I filled my pannier before heading home.


And so, buds and leaves of an unknown eucalypt on silk velvet, part of a special pack of some kind from Beautiful Silks. I have no idea what I could do with these small pieces of velvet, but I’m more than open to suggestions.  Treasure bag? Cushion panel?


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3 responses to “Leaf Print of the Day

  1. So pretty! A cushion panel would be nice with the velvet. It might wear too fast as a bag?


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