Cool spectrum gradient yarn

There has been some plain Jane spinning.  Three ply natural Polwarth, finaly plied after a long wait. Not my best work, unfortunately.  One of the singles is plumper and fluffier than the other two.  Just the same, it’s yarn and it’s a true three ply made from three singles.


In the not-so-plain stakes, there has also been plying of some of the holiday spinning.  This one is Malcolm the Corriedale, dyed yellow with osange orange and my mother’s coreopsis flowers (she is generous enough to collect her dead flowers for me and such a committed gardener that she deadheads her coreopsis).  I overdyed with indigo to create greens and, of course, blue.



No sign of crocking, just in case you’re wondering!  I have several more flour sacks of this fibre carded, pulled into roving through a diz and ready to spin.  Mmmm!


The yarn is three ply and I’ve chain plied it so it will stripe… and just for the sheer pleasure of it.  Because I met internet spinners before I met many in real life, chain plying never seemed to me to be an unusual skill.  I took it up quite early in my spinning career and expected it to be challenging, because I was beginner and most things were challenging.  While I was plying this yarn at my regular Guild group, women who have been spinning for decades were commenting about how easy I made it look.  Ah, the warm glow of competence…  I admire all the things they can do that I find difficult, and there they are, doing just the same thing in reverse.



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6 responses to “Cool spectrum gradient yarn

  1. Love the deep blue, green and mustardy yellow of that second skein. What will you make with it?


    • Thanks! At present I am planning to create a skein to submit to a show. And then… I haven’t decided 🙂 I know this is supposed to be a bad idea in spinning, but I find that in time the yarn finds suitable use…


  2. I love the chain plied, it’s very neat. I can identify with what you say about internet spinning and guild spinning – two very different animals at times. Each lovely in their own way of course!


  3. Nice to see Malcolm’s continuing life! And the grey is beautiful, like a skein of fog.
    Btw: finally managed to get a hat out of the multi-frogged skein! Will post it on koamist. It had more story….


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