Thanks for cycling! The bunting.

There is a new segment of cycleway near our place that has been one of the upsides of living beside a major engineering project for most of the last 2 years.  It seems only right to celebrate.  The new segment isn’t terribly long, but is one of those little pieces of path that make a big difference to a cyclist.


I started out with some bike themed fabric.  It was originally intended as a shirt for a small bike loving friend… but he grew quickly into quite a large, keen cyclist and my sewing queue moves slowly sometimes.  Some of the fabric became a bag and the rest was sitting there ready to go.  I decided in the end that worrying about aligning the grain was beside the point for bunting, so relentlessly pieced leftovers together until there was just about nothing left.


Then I moved over into some purple fabric.  It dates back over fifteen years to when there was a shop nearby that sold offcuts from sheet and quilt manufacturing.  I made all kinds of things from those offcuts!  This came in one of the odd shapes that I am sure could be explained by someone who had been to the factory: a square with three squared off corners and one rounded corner.  Soon it was all triangles, some constructed from two smaller triangles.  On went the lettering.


Some more of my vintage bias binding was pressed into action, and pretty soon…


Last night a friend was visiting and she was keen on hanging it, so we had bunting hanging before dinner.
Hopefully it will cheer up weary cyclists (and energetic ones) as they pass.


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4 responses to “Thanks for cycling! The bunting.

  1. Spinaddict

    That looks so good! Here in the Yarra ranges in Lilydale, our council is very short-sighted. They would have “ripped” it down because it would be seen as an eyesore! OR the moisture from the bunting might “rust” the fencing! Boo to Yarra Ranges Council!!


    • Thanks! The bunting about the sugar gums is still there weeks after we put it up… which is more than I expected. We put this up in such a way as to make it difficult to take down without scissors, which might help… other than that I’m just relying on winning people over or hoping people with that kind of mindset don’t pass. Sometimes our council takes a long time to act on community requests, but in the case of this type of craftivism, that can be an asset!


  2. Love it – craftivism ! Used to work for Unley Council (sustainability) – if you need connections, just shout.


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