Eucalyptus Macrandra?

I found this tree in flower in a park in  West Lakes (my sweetheart is a triathlete, and that is what you can see happening in the background).


The trunk was smooth and shiny with some peeled bark, and as you can see, the whole tree has been shaped by the prevailing wind.


The flowers were a yellow shade of green, with the older flowers turning brown.  There were two generations of buds on long, flattened peduncles (always a striking feature, especially with a name like ‘peduncle’!).  The bud caps were 15 mm long–much smaller than the Yates that I know.  Perhaps someone else can confirm or deny whether this is E Macrandra!  I will regain access to Euclid (the CSIRO eucalypt database) later this month after a long, long time when it wouldn’t work for me… and I can’t wait!  For the time being I’m depending on my trusty book collection, which has its limits–and so do I.


Results like these have me wondering why I would ever bother using walnut hulls for deep browns. I am blessed with great choices in oranges and browns, for sure.


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6 responses to “Eucalyptus Macrandra?

  1. Those are gorgeous browns!


    • Thanks! Now I am spinning yarns that graduate between colours I am warming to brown as one of the options… and I may have seen another of these trees flowering on campus as I rode up the hill this morning….


  2. Really nice browns! Wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award over on my blog if you want to participate 🙂


  3. that’s an impressive wind-lean!


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