Most ridiculous pyjamas ever?

I am planning a pair of pants for a spectacularly slender and tall 7 year old.  A person needs pants in winter!  But especially when the person is growing fast–fit needs to be right too.  So rather than start straight in with denim or corduroy or whatever might be lurking warmly in my stash, I decided to try a pair of pyjamas, because the pyjamas of the past have left a pretty interesting legacy.


This is a New Look pattern of the 1980s by the look of the happy children on its front cover, which I clearly scored at some op shop or other. I started out with it and a pair of pyjamas that fit the intended recipient, and adjusted as I went.  Nothing complicated, just having a go at getting the basics right.  Zebra print on one leg, cats on a blue background on the other…


Dinosaurs up the inside back leg to complete the picture!  I am sure there is a good deal of competition for the silliest PJs ever, but this pair are on my list!  So now I wait to see if they fit, and whether these just serve their function as a test garment or become part of the wardrobe for chilly nights…


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10 responses to “Most ridiculous pyjamas ever?

  1. What wonderful pajama bottoms!! Just think of the dreams they will produce……


  2. woah! most amusing pjs ever!


  3. Spinaddict

    My 21 year old daughter wears those to girl guide functions, and calls them “Happy pants!!!!” A young child might think them silly, but “trendy” 21 yr-olds think they’re “cool”!!


  4. Deb

    My mom used to make pants like this when we were young and would expect us to wear them to school. She couldn’t understand why a 10 year old didn’t want to wear what I called “clown pants” to school. Of course I also had to battle why I didn’t want strings on my mittens as well. (Perhaps I need therapy!!!!!!!)

    For pajamas, cool… clothes…not!


    • I had some embarrassing garments in childhood too… but none like these. The worst were the bloomers my mother was told were required for sports in high school. She bought the pattern and made them and they were unbelievably ugly and not especially functional. And no one else had a pair!!!


      • oh at my junior school, a private one, we had to wear white knickers with large dark green bloomers over the top! all that bulk and heat, but warm in the winter (UK, 50’s) as we wore knee socks, not tights. I think we wore them for sports too, but I can’t be sure …


      • Yikes! I wouldn’t go back to that part of my life… Sounds like you might not either 🙂


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