Happily spinning alpaca

2014-06-05 11.36.43

I have been happily but slowly dyeing an entire white alpaca fleece with eucalypts. I’ve been dyeing it without washing it, what’s more! The washing stage comes after dyeing instead, treating the dye bath as stage 1 of the cleaning process. I love the way muddy tips create a resist which will produce a sunny yellow which shows wonderfully among all that flame orange.


I have a lot of black alpaca too… this I have already washed.


On weekends sometimes there is fibre processing and vegetable harvesting–this is one of the last of the capsicums.


Then, of course, carding.

2014-06-05 13.47.18

Out in the back yard when the weather is sunny.


I’ve been spinning up more colour changing yarns and including some of the black alpaca… and that is the entirety of the lemon crop beside the skein.  Can’t wait until the fruit trees grow up a bit…



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4 responses to “Happily spinning alpaca

  1. Jo powell

    Great colours – what eucalypt dyes that brilliant red?
    Well done M.


  2. wonderful colours, both the hot red and black, must be a true joy to work with such fibre.


    • Thanks! It has been one of the surprises of taking up spinning that people are grateful to find someone who will use their fibre. That black alpaca is such a great colour and so lustrous…


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