My friend emailed to say that a branch had come down on her Eucalyptus Cinerea.  I was visiting anyway, and I think I’m in a much more physically capable position to deal with a fallen branch than anyone at her house.  So I packed my loppers, gloves, secateurs and sacks.  We’ve had gale force winds and lots of rain here and it was late on a windy rainy day when I arrived.

2014-06-25 09.25.10

Well… I managed to saw up the bough and cut up the woody parts and get them all into the green bin that signifies they will go to commercial composting through council collection, and then we packed stuffed the leafy stuff into three feed sacks.  Wowsers!  My friend couldn’t believe I would use them all.  Little does she know! (I am glad to hear I haven’t been boring her stupid with details that don’t interest her).  Then I realised that in spite of it being cold and wet, I need to let these leaves dry out, because these sacks are not permeable enough to let them dry and I don’t want mould.

2014-06-25 09.26.49

The wheelbarrow–ever useful–and my bike trailer were pressed into use.  I have had about 30 years of trusty service from that little box on wheels (the bike trailer).  But that was not enough…

2014-06-25 09.28.52

Leaves in the bathtub…!  My friends are happy and have one less physically taxing job to do in wild weather.  Their garden is in better shape.  The gum tree is still immense, the bay tree no longer has a broken bough tangled up in it,and the smaller plants underneath are safer.  I was up to doing the labour, delighted to be able to help them out, and now have loads of lovely leaves to work with.  I know it’s cheesy, but I have to say that was a win-win-windfall…!


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4 responses to “Windfall!

  1. What a bonanza! You now have enough leaves to last all winter…. maybe longer.
    And your friend has a tidy yard.
    Definitely a win-win windfall 😀


  2. mummm quelle chance ! plein de futures belles creations !


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