Early silkworm hatchlings: Week 1, day 2

Last year, the silkworms hatched in September.  This year, in August.  I am not sure if that has more to do with the micro climate in my front room or global warming.  I am sorry to report I believe global warming is more likely.  Last night I went out and picked young lettuce for them.  This morning, I’ve been out examining the neighbourhood mulberry trees.  In good news for my little tiny silkworms, they are in leaf.

2014-08-25 08.35.56

So, brace yourselves!  We are re-entering the silkworm rollercoaster for another season!

2014-08-25 08.54.12


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2 responses to “Early silkworm hatchlings: Week 1, day 2

  1. Oh I haven’t raised silkworms since I was a child. But I haven’t seen any mulberry trees around here so I’ll enjoy seeing how it goes with your caterpillars.


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