In the last few weeks there has been a small outbreak of hat knitting.  It began with the Eleven Cloche and a skein of eucalyptus dyed grey corriedale.


Check out that leaf shape all the way from stem to brim!  Such a clever design!  I don’t believe I understood the full glory until I’d finished knitting it.  When I chose the pattern I was attracted by its asymmetry and missed out on being charmed by the leaf connection until later.  There was quite a bit of my skein left so I cast on again…


Things being what they are, I knit way too far during a movie and had to rip back, and pretty soon I had a Turn A Square for a person with a lot of hair, a big head, or both. Note to self–when adjusting needle size, also adjust stitch count.  As if I should need that lesson yet again!  Another clever but simple design.


My heart wants to knit more hats (for some reason the cochineal over grey wool has my fancy) but my hands have been at the sewing machine, knitting slippers when I have counting-type-knitting time and I have also begun a plying frenzy…


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7 responses to “Hat-o-rama

  1. It’s a beautiful hat!! Your head will be not only toasty, but stylish! 😀


  2. great hat! if you ever want to try a different hat design check out my website for pics and I’ll send you the instructions (no charge, just a friendly fellow blogger thing) would be nice to see things made up in your special yarns


  3. beautiful yarn, adorable leaf hat, great details on the turn a square…lovely as always!


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