Special socks for special feet

2014-11-19 13.25.49

These socks are for my beloved.  I know, we’re headed into summer and they won’t see wear for some time to come.  But when winter comes, they will be welcomed.

2014-11-19 13.26.18

Let it be said that apart from the fact that they are for the feet of my beloved and that’s more than special enough  for me… those feet did the Port Pirie triathlon this week!  Port Pirie is an industrial city about two and a half hours away, on a road I have travelled way more times than I could count, visiting family north of Adelaide.  It was a mighty cold morning for swimming, but they did it anyway.

2014-11-16 07.50.33

That’s the lead smelter stack you can see in the background distance below and on the left.  Apparently still the highest human structure in the country.

2014-11-16 08.03.43

I did not do the swim, cycle and run… I acted as photographer and general cheer squad to my sweetheart’s triumph.  In between action shots, there were, or course, trees to admire!

2014-11-16 08.28.39


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4 responses to “Special socks for special feet

  1. Susan

    the socks are lovely, like the variation in the yarn and OF COURSE there were trees hahaha
    Wondering just how ‘cold’ it was………


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