More ‘Solace’ pennants

I still think the idea of India Flint’s Solace project is wonderful.  Having made some contributions that were not to specifications recently… I felt moved to make some that were.  I’ve been piecing together scrap fabrics from other projects as well as using small pieces of treasured fabrics.

2014-11-19 11.04.59

I often think that growing plants from seed is so wonderful that it couldn’t be any better, more exciting or more awe-inspiring if it were magic.

2014-11-19 11.05.16

I am not sure anyone could be who they are without being among, being with, being part of a community.  I know this is true of me.  So friends are at the heart of all that gives me hope and capacity in life.

2014-11-19 11.04.47

And then there is kindness.  Kindness imparted or received. Kindness observed.  Even the kindness of strangers.  Kindness between strangers may be a special kind of treasure.

I found another contribution to Solace,  from Mo Crow, here.  You might want to visit and be inspired.


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4 responses to “More ‘Solace’ pennants

  1. I like your banners! 😀
    I should reread her post, I wanted to make one but have no time until after Christmas…… do you remember the date India wanted them by?


  2. Liz

    Happily I found my way to your blog from the Sweetpea Path … and have added you to my Kindred Spirits so I can follow you in the future


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