Home made mending kits

On a visit to relatives not so long ago, I discovered that an entire family were depending on a single tin of buttons and needles and thread for mending.  When we visited, I was called on to assist in mending and when the tin could not be found–repairs could not be made.  I decided that this was not good enough.  So when we got home, I made up two mending kits to add to the family resources, as two members of the family are reaching the fledging stage of life.  Each comes with a Pohutukawa-leaf needle case, a seam ripper, thread, buttons, and a few other basics.

2015-01-03 17.09.36

Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) is native to Aotearoa/New Zealand and widely grown in Australia.  Here is the interior view of one of the needle case.  They are simple: two layers of leaf-printed wool blanketing, blanket-stitched together.  The leaves gave completely different prints on each side, so the outside of the needle case is one side of the leaf and the inside is a print from the other side.

2015-01-03 17.09.53

This kit makes use of a tin left behind by recent Austrian visitors. It contained a rather delicious Austrian chocolate covered delicacy, but not for long!  I’m delighted to find the next use for this tin.  This kit was big enough to also fit a pre-loved darning mushroom.

2015-01-03 17.08.11

These little kits have found their way to their new homes by mail–I received a text message of thanks today.  And now, I’ll finish on a gratuitous koala picture.

2015-01-07 17.01.35

The appearance of this amazing creature on a Manchurian pear tree at my place of work is not a good sign.  It arrived in a period of extreme heat and little rainfall, no doubt seeking water (and fame, I’m sure–in the bush, koalas are much further away and very hard to photograph effectively–JOKE!).  Over the years a koala has turned up in this spot once in a while–presumably the same one–and water is provided.  In a day or two, it heads back to the nearby eucalypts, since koalas have a very narrow dietary range.  Sometimes one or two can be sighted from a glass walkway up on the second floor, hanging out in the treetops, to equal fascination on the part of passing humans.  Enjoy!


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8 responses to “Home made mending kits

  1. Pia

    Giving you the hairy eyeball that one!


  2. Susan

    Oh those pesky tins escaping the way they do! Your new tins are a treat and with any luck will be treasured and utilized they way they should be 🙂
    Beautiful job incorporating the leaf prints.


    • Thanks, Susan! I am hoping they will be useful… and yes, ‘The Tartan Tin’ seemed to have vanished quite effectively. Clearly it shouldn’t have been allowed to leave home!


  3. great idea with the tins…Mozartkugeln scented mending tools will be nice.
    Happy for the gratuitous koala picture since this one is not in the news as a burn victim!


    • Happily, so many people have responded to the request for koala mittens they have more than they need… and while this one was thirsty–all will be well as we have had rain since last week when I took the picture.


  4. Given the temperatures in Adelaide I am a bit surprised it wasn’t inside in the air conditioning!
    Thanks for the heads up on koala mits. Our spinning group was discussing that last Sunday so I can tell them to hold off for the moment.


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