More guerilla planting

This last week there was a big planting and a little one. See that little tree in the middle of all that weediness?

2015-04-05 16.41.45

The little one involved planting four seedling Corymbia Citriodora (lemon scented gum) trees.  Small now–but they will be huge if they grow.  They came up in my propagating area, sometimes accompanied by the saltbush I had planted. In the end I planted them along the tram line.  I don’t like their chances much having had my knees on that ground and my trowel in it looking for something a plant might get roots into.  But they volunteered for the job, so I have obliged them.  I have been making a project of taking plants out and bringing rubbish home.

2015-04-05 16.41.51

This time there was loads of rubbish and a score!  Iron plates I might be able to use to eco print paper.

2015-04-05 16.48.20

And some other rusty bits (on the right above) that have gone into my jars of iron water for dyeing.

2015-04-05 16.49.46

The bigger planting involved nine plants, added into the barren triangle up near the railway crossing where I planted three not so long ago.

2015-04-04 12.26.44

My trusty bike trailer came with two watering cans in it!  Yes, I did feel like I was doing something embarrassing.  But I did it anyway, apologising to these little plants for putting them in a place so ill treated and challenging. 2015-04-04 12.32.14

Then I made another trip to move mulch to the area and give them a chance. 2015-04-04 13.00.02

The haul of rubbish was less than the first time.  This is all I brought home.

2015-04-04 13.06.25

And here I am, a gardener with her newly planted seedlings.

2015-04-04 13.03.22


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8 responses to “More guerilla planting

  1. Susan

    Just read the last 3 posts…whew, glad you and the spider missed connecting with each other 🙂 seriously, if I knew where you were I’d nominate you for a Gardener’s Medal of Honor. You are a one woman tour de force !! thank you.


  2. yes, I second the above! Wonderful your commitment and caring, despite all the setbacks. I am rooting (sorry, no pun intended, really!) for you and all the seedlings.


    • Thanks! I guess I think that if I do nothing then the outcome is pretty confidently predictable. And I hate to act on despair rather than acting on hope. I won’t tell you how that expression ‘rooting’ comes across in Australia. As a child when I first hear people from the US (Canada too I think?) talk about ‘rooting’–a term used in the playground with quite a different meaning…


      • oops. Just looked it up. Good thing we have the English language in common (haha). Cheering you on. (maybe I should look that up too?)


      • Isn’t it funny how a shared language can be only shared to a degree? These days we get so much media from your part of the world that the puzzlement has diminished at this end! And the internet clarifies mysteries such as graham crackers and why a purse is clearly not a purse 🙂 Thanks for the cheering! And I loved the unintended pun in rooting too.


  3. You go girl!!! It’s always a challenge to do anything out of the norm. I once did some guerrilla gardening and I was so scared that ‘someone’ might ‘say something’. What funny creatures we are.


    • Thanks, Leonie! I keep thinking I am beyond concern about what people think–but apparently, not quite. I did scarper quickly when planting along the tram line, when I heard trams coming, I don’t want to scare a tram driver or be the reason police are called in.


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