It is not too late to add your contribution to India Flint’s Solace project, should you wish to.  Here is further encouragement on India’s blog.  Here is the invitation to the project–which explains it all rather beautifully… and here is SweetPea’s collection of inspirational blog posts about worldwide contributions to the project, should you need inspiration.  SweetPea’s blog is rather spectacular.  I commend it to you.

2015-04-10 15.20.10

In the meantime, I’ve been taking solace in guerilla planting and native plant propagating. Earth hours are going well. I feel as though I should make some pennants that say ‘salt bush berries’ and ‘kneeling in the dirt’.  I still might.  It certainly is a source of solace in my life in the face of all the planet has to contend with.

2015-04-13 08.14.43

Ruby saltbush has kept coming up.  In fact, I think my success rate has increased as I have become more careless.  I thought over the way it comes up under existing bushes and just gathered up berries straight from the bush and threw them onto the top of the tubes where nothing had germinated along with leaf litter and saltbush leaves and whatnot.  So many seedlings this way!  Pricking these tiddlers out has been working, so I pricked out yet more.  28 more!

2015-04-13 08.14.57

I haven’t had so many of the stash of plastic pots in use for years.  My potting mix is basically compost turned by our chooks, sieved to get out the lumps, so there seems nothing to lose by potting up more.  Garden and kitchen waste goes out to the chooks, and eggs and compost come back. It is a fabulous arrangement.  Last week my Dad gave us masses of his guavas, and there was a separate collection of fallen mushy or rotten fruit for the chooks.  What a sweetheart.

2015-04-14 07.35.02

Meanwhile, it’s seedlings out into the neighbourhood (two different types here)…

2015-04-14 08.07.45

And rubbish from the neighbourhood back home to be dealt with appropriately.  There is less of it each time I go out to the new patch. It might not show, but the patch of planted and mulched earth is growing larger.  Nothing has been lost on this patch yet.  It seems there is not a lot of traffic of people wanting to walk across or dogs keen to dig it up. And we had rain. All good.

2015-04-14 08.07.55

One morning this week I thanked the chap from the council who was watering the council plantings.  We talked about the plant thefts and he thanked me for replanting those that were abandoned.  He asked me if I was the one who had planted the saltbush on this new patch as he had noticed it appear, and warned me that it might all get taken out if Council decided to do something in that spot–but when he had asked, they had no such plans.  I said I was prepared to take the risk. I managed not to explain that I think my time is better spent just planting than asking the council nicely–they haven’t been responsive in the past and quite a few of my plantings are doing well without their permission.  He had also noticed someone was weeding the spot where he was watering, and he explained a few things about why some plantings are thriving and others are not. It seems the council have some knowledgeable and dedicated workers and the contractors are not as diligent.  And I was happy to hear he thought myoporum (boobialla) was a suitable thing to plant in tough contexts–as that is the main focus of my cool weather propagating programme, as you know!


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5 responses to “Solace

  1. Susan

    You may not know but you do my heart so much good every time I read of your going’s on with your plants! Interesting encounter with a council member. Compost, what a concept, haha, I save all my scraps for the neighbors who have chickens and geese. I was rewarded with 2 goose eggs last week…..YUM, YUM, YUM

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    • Thanks so much Susan–how amazing to be able to do your heart good from so far away! Goose eggs… sounds like you have a win-win arrangement with the neighbours! 🙂


  2. purplejulian

    yes, I agree with Susan it’s a great solace to read your blog 🙂 . must get my head around a text or word for the solace project …..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. perhaps those of us who feel inspired when we stop by here can use “local & bespoke” for our penons….
    : )


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