A patch of potato sacks

2015-06-03 17.02.39

I scored more potato sacks from the organic food co-op we belong to.  It has been running for many years, mostly because of the hard work of a few trusty and amazing people–and one of my friends in particular.

2015-06-05 11.30.42

I turned these into fully lined bags.  The printing isn’t designed to last but I like to honour the humble hessian sack, while there are still some of them left to honour.

2015-06-05 11.30.58

I am planning for these to go back to the co-op where other members might like them.

2015-06-05 11.29.39

Needless to say lining them brought on a little bag breakout.  I managed to finish one more sheet offcut collection! And provide yet further evidence that there are some things about my camera I don’t understand after all this time.


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14 responses to “A patch of potato sacks

  1. SubmarineBells

    I keep meaning to offer: if it’s helpful, do you want a bit of assistance with your camera sometime? It’s easier to do in person, so just ask me if you’d like a few tips. I only mention this because you’ve mentioned being baffled by photo results on a few occasions, and it’s something I have a bit of practice with.

    Anyway, lovely bags, as usual! I’m guessing the last batch aren’t quite that excitingly pink-on-pink in RL, but either way, they look great. 🙂


    • I’d love a few tips, thanks! Sometimes I can understand why the image bleaches out completely (or turns very red all over) and sometimes I simply can’t and I just have to try another day/wait for the light to change/move strongly coloured objects in and out of the frame and see if anything sorts it out. I like to try for colour that is close to the mark for the blog for obvious reasons, and sometimes, I just can’t do it. I currently have about 15 batts and can’t seem to get anywhere near honest colours in the few moments of sunshine when I have the chance to try. Hence, a post about this and not madder or indigo! Thanks for the compliments for my blushing bags. I feel it is a giveaway when the table changes colour 🙂


      • SubmarineBells

        Yup, that lovely red table suggests to me that maybe the white balance your camera is set to isn’t really working well with the light you’ve got there. Is it a phone-camera or a camera-camera? If you bring it along to Night Owls I can have a look at the settings and see if I can work out what’s going on, and maybe point out a few things that might help, if I can.


      • Ah, you know what white balance is. Awesome. I only have a phone camera now as it is so much better than any camera I ever owned. Will bring to Night Owls in happy anticipation!


  2. And there i was thinking it was one of those special photo apps;). I am sure your coop members will love the bags.


  3. Those hessian bags – just beautiful!!!


  4. Noela Mills

    Love these bags, Mary You rock girl…..! Noela xxx

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Susan

    Those bags just long to be used! They are practical/rustic/classy all at the same time. Won’t be getting too much done around here for a while..new 9 wk old Irish Wolfhound puppy !!


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