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Dear readers, it has been a busy time lately… what with the day job, and a couple of conferences, and some music… and my general tendency to cast on too many things and noodle along (one recetn effort had to be cast on three times and this means ripped out twice as well)… and the Tour de Fleece.  The Tour involves spinning every day for the duration of the Tour de France.  I missed a few days travelling but have mostly been sticking to it. But… it is hard to make one day’s spinning look exciting.  Trust me on this, especially, if I only had half an hour to commit!  Meanwhile, the cold, wet weather is ideal for planting out natives and I have been going all out.

2015-07-12 12.21.55

Out into the big, cold, wet world went these plants.  Some ruby saltbush and some fine leaved creeping boobialla.

2015-07-12 12.26.39

One poor little boobialla straight into bluemetal. It’s the only way to find out what can make it!

2015-07-12 12.43.17

The council had dumped a modest pile of mulch near one of the beloved trees in the neighbourhood, burying some of our beloved saltbush.  My friend and I got to work.  He shovelled and spread mulch.  I weeded and planted.  We both got a bit damper than was really part of the plan, but rain is the best. Here we are, finished, splattered in mud.  Next we headed to his house and there was hot lunch and fine company!

2015-07-12 13.24.53

And chicken happiness!  What is there not to like about birds who greet weeds with such delight and give you eggs and compost back?

2015-07-12 13.27.36

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One response to “More local planting

  1. Susan

    rain……lovely. Nothing here 😦 Love the chicken pictures. Too much going on here and not enough spinning…the force will have to go on without me!


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