Another bundle of beautification

I had another undergarment that could use improvement… here it is before.

2015-07-23 08.33.35

I liked the back better.

2015-07-23 08.33.48

E Scoparia got the job again.

2015-07-23 08.41.09

It looked so good afterward…

2015-07-24 15.22.09

While I was at the dye table I realised that the woad bundle I had left tied was still there… I unwrapped and this one had prints. Green leaves and contrasting stems.

2015-07-23 08.32.21

And here are the ‘after’ pictures… clearly the light was not as good as I thought at the time!  The front:

2015-08-02 15.07.50

And… the back.

2015-08-02 15.07.36

I’m not sure.  I might go again!


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10 responses to “Another bundle of beautification

  1. elizabeth

    i think I like the before better easier to see the leaf prints still have to have a go at this but cant find the right eucalyptus around here all I get are beige to yellow colors have some leaves sitting in pots out in the weather at present but no yarn in them yet still have to spin more. and not getting that done


    • I like the leaf prints… but liked the large pale area less. I still have some with very distinct prints but have been experimenting with more abstract prints… now I don;t like the line across the middle! Wishing you luck in finding leaves you can enjoy using!


  2. just love that colour sooo brick …I get more brown on the out side of my bundles, love the way you have wound the bundle off centre 🙂


  3. apropos of nothing on this post (except that it’s about dyeing!), I read about a woman using indigo to dye wood, specifically bowls. Thought you might be interested, you know, in case you run out of other projects!
    : )


  4. Susan

    Hmm, I too like the ‘before’ better but as we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder 🙂


  5. Rebecca

    Now that is colour! No one else has a singlet like that…a rain of leaves.


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