In guerilla gardening this week…

2015-08-27 07.59.50

It was another big day in local guerilla planting!  😉

2015-08-27 08.42.43

I planted a Eucalyptus Nicholii for the sheer nerve of it.  If it grows it will shade a bench council have installed.  It’s a big ‘if’.  But evidently I can dream.

2015-08-27 08.42.49

Fine leaved creeping boobialla propagated in autumn.

2015-08-27 08.43.16

Needless to say, plenty of ruby saltbush.

2015-08-27 08.43.30

These plants are being added to a place where I have already planted boobialla, olearia and several varieties of saltbush.  Some are coming along very nicely in this spot, and while a few are struggling, very few have been killed.

2015-08-27 08.43.49

On the homeward trip, very little rubbish and a bucket full of weeds.  The last round by the council poisoner resulted in several plants being killed elsewhere nearby (those I planted and some of Council’s plantings too).  I have drawn the conclusion that I should target weeds growing among plants I would like to see live, for early weeding.  And… I am still enjoying weeding and revegetating the neighbourhood, and the sooner I plant before the height of summer, the better the chances these plants will make it through high summer.  Time to plant seeds!

2015-08-27 08.38.54


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7 responses to “In guerilla gardening this week…

  1. purplejulian

    oh no, your plants, AND the council’s being poisoned, how ridiculous and very very upsetting. well done, crossing fingers for the baby Nicholii


  2. Off to the show today. Will keep an eye out for your entries and can’t wait to buy my yearly ‘treat’ at the Handspinners and Weavers Guild shop. Last year’s beret has been worn almost daily since May. I love it to bits. I have numerous scarves too. Thank you for your love and care revegetating the neighbourhood community too. You are a shining example to us all.


  3. I love the names of your plants! Booarilla long may it live!

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