Can I spin a rainbow?

I have already had a vote of confidence in my abilities.  A brother and sister (plus Mum) team of my precious friends made me a little book of knitting. Their confidence in my capacities is exceedingly high!   If I can knit a rainbow, maybe I am good for dyeing and spinning one first?

2015-07-10 10.48.38

And I have been dyeing and dyeing.  Viola the sheep wouldn’t know herself.  Eucalypt with tamarind, rhubarb leaf, citrus peel brews (thanks to India Flint for genius on this front).  Madder exhaust.  Coreopsis, osage orange, indigo overdyes, woad, madder with iron, alkanet.  It has been a fun few months with the dye pots.

2015-07-04 16.35.48

And now… I am spinning up a rainbow and loving it.  Watch this space!


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7 responses to “Can I spin a rainbow?

  1. Great colours and people always think natural dyes only give browns.


  2. Viola wouldn’t know herself, I love it 🙂


  3. Nature is such a magical place and what wonders she reveals.


  4. manja

    I second the vote of the sister and brother and look forward to seeing the knitted rainbow 😊


  5. Rebecca

    Oh yes, skills taken to the next kennel indeed! This is a remarkable achiever


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