14 more ruby saltbush plants

Gentle readers, there has been knitting and spinning and stitching going on but there has also been an overwhelm-ment of day job and a distinct lack of photo taking. I will try to sort myself out soon.  Meantime, post-work planting began this week.  The days are lengthening and I have seeds coming up ready to be pricked out, but no empty pots to plant them into. The queue seemed to require I get onto the planting!

2015-09-24 17.26.46

14 ruby saltbush ready to go into the ground.  Plus my leaky watering can.  In the end I stood it next to a plant so the fine but steady stream of water squirting from its side could go to use while I was digging!

2015-09-24 17.45.18

The darker patches are the places where I have watered and planted.  They are around the edge of my previous plantings.  This is a patch where people and dogs can choose just to walk through (and of course, people walk through at night when small plants are not so obvious), so I am trying to allow the existing plantings to be larger and then for the planted area gradually to grow wider and wider. I am hoping that I’ll manage to sprout some larger shrubs this spring and summer that I can plant into this understorey.

2015-09-24 17.45.33

At one end of this patch my earlier plantings are now quite a decent size.  Some of the conversations I’ve had while working here have started to show that people can tell what I’m trying to do.  The Olearias along the wall further toward the street are now quite a good size and the leaves are a pleasing silver grey.  The E Nicholii is still alive!

2015-09-24 17.45.11

Home again after a little weeding.  Time for dinner and music…


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3 responses to “14 more ruby saltbush plants

  1. Nasty work overwhelm-ment – – go away!


  2. Your little patch of this earth must be so happy that you are there….


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