Local dyepots

2015-09-28 08.34.24

E Torquata in flower…

2015-09-28 08.34.52

E Acaciiformis (I think).

2015-09-28 08.35.37

In flower right now but not in quite such a lush way.

2015-09-28 08.36.18

One of the local E Scoparias.

2015-09-28 08.37.35

Under attack from some kind of small insect… and with so much rubbish dumped all around it, including an entire innerspring mattress.

2015-09-28 08.55.25

And another E Scoparia.

2015-09-28 08.56.25

I also sampled small amounts of all kinds of native species from public plantings and over the odd fence.

2015-09-28 09.23.52

And threw in some woad leaves and woad flower stems.  Curious minds and all that!

2015-09-28 09.44.02

I love the transformation from this…

2015-09-28 09.49.17

To this…

2015-09-29 09.36.00

and this.

2015-09-29 09.37.08

Now I’m going to try some waiting!


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12 responses to “Local dyepots

  1. So exciting. Such glorious trees. Can’t wait to see the result.


  2. Lovely! I saw what I think is E. Torquata in flower on Kertaweeta Avenue this weekend. It was so exquisitely beautiful I stopped in my tracks and let out an ‘ahh!’


  3. Very familiar turf. I walk past those trees on my way to the train or the pool. Looking forward to seeing the results.


  4. I have seen innersprings used for some great yard/garden projects…of course you do have to (a) haul it home and (b) get rid of all the fiber parts….


  5. Susan

    Such different trees………PINK flowers in trees!! patience my friend…


    • Trees don’t flower pink where you live? Lots of trees flower pink and red here. I do often, very often, think how lucky I am to live in a place with such glorious trees! But when in Europe I thought those trees were glorious too!


  6. chrissyguzzi57@gmail.com

    HI there, I love your posts and enjoy reading every one. I eco dye &print when I get the chance but am a beginner, We also grow and love Ruby saltbush and have a bird haven of a garden at Glenelg North. You mentioned an old wire mattress and thought that this photo of a sculpture by Alec Wheatley of Randalsea Rustic at Second Valley might pique your interest. There also another mattress wire frame used in a fibre piece in the recent Dare To Differ exhibition at Gallery M at Marion. The artist wove though all sorts of knitted and stitched materials. Thanks for the blog posts Chris Beardsley


    • Thanks so much, Chris! I found the sculpture and it’s awesome! I don’t think I have it in me to remove all the rest of the mattress though… the ones dumped in our area still have all the fabric and foam and whatnot on the outside and I don’t know for sure if they have those coils inside… Hooray for ruby saltbush and for people like you who care about the birds and the insects and the afterlife of innerspring mattresses 🙂


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