Small sewing achievements

I had a triumph with the rolled hem foot for my sewing machine recently.  (I celebrate all victories great and small).  I weakened on my pledge not to buy more fabric when I saw William Morris lawn, and bought 40 cm.  Home made hankies.  I haven’t made any for years.  I remember hand hemming handkerchiefs as a project with my grandmother.  She knew children should be seen and not heard!  But she also liked to share her skills and upgrade ours, and I think she loved the fact that I was keen to learn.  My sisters were less enthusiastic, and better at sport than stitchery.  The other grandmother thought playing in the garden was a fine thing for children, and her garden had chooks and passionfruit in it, always an incentive!

2015-09-29 16.56.43

Another recent project has been dealing with the ironing board.  How did it spring a hole???  No one here is claiming responsibility.

2015-10-05 14.53.25

The new one is a bark cloth I’ve had for years since it came home from an op shop.  I can’t tell whether it was a little curtain or perhaps a cloth for a small table.  It was hemmed in a very parsimonious way, presumably by someone else who thought this was a pretty lovely fabric.

2015-10-07 10.37.36

So easy and satisfying!  Instructions can be found here, and demonstrate that my last cover lasted only a year.  Hopefully this fabric hasn’t been pinned over a window… or I will be making another cover all too soon.

2015-10-07 10.38.38

And finally, all the bits and pieces of upholstery weight fabric that have been slowly coming together into this

2015-10-04 14.05.43

I mean, this… (we have this cat on loan. Most of the time she is delightful, though she has different ideas than I do about what should be done with paper patterns, yarn, thread, fabric and other things that cause us both excitement).

2015-10-07 15.09.25

Have now become yet another bag, of suitable heft and gloriousness.  I have a feeling it won’t be warming my place for long.

2015-10-08 16.44.52


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6 responses to “Small sewing achievements

  1. My moggie always critiques my sewing efforts – must be a special cat instinct 🙂


  2. Susan

    I have been away for about 30 days and have just read close to 20 of your emails and enjoyed every one! NICE to see you got a BEST with your paper spinning, like your hems, all your plantings and loved that when a niece came to visit you looked at a tree 🙂 Should have taken notes…


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