Carrot top dye

2015-10-04 12.51.48

Having a hank of silk embroidery thread that has already been through a long, cold alum soak has been going to my imagination.  Usually when I think about local dyes I am thinking about eucalypts, but one recent weekend I went to the farmer’s market and when I cut the tops from these treasures, I was struck by the urge to dye with them.

2015-10-04 12.55.05

Into the pot they went without delay.

2015-10-04 12.55.51

Once the water went in, I saw there was a passenger.  Can you see it (her, probably)?

2015-10-04 12.56.34

I did get her out of the pot eventually, and yes, with a long handled wooden spoon.

2015-10-05 14.44.31

Here, a photo of the dyer reflected in her pot, a day later.

2015-10-05 18.41.07

The thread is a greenish shade of yellow.  I have plans already!

2015-10-05 18.45.36


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10 responses to “Carrot top dye

  1. purplejulian

    that’s a very pretty colour, did you have any idea that you could get colour from carrot tops?


    • Yes, I had been told by another dyer that this was possible. It wasn’t a totally random experiment! There used to be a spinner and dyer working on a stall at the local farmer’s markets and she offered me carrot tops a few times!

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  2. Lydia

    Yikes! Strange that the little red back was in the carrot tops… they are usually such shy spiders… I did find one in a bunch of grapes I bought once… However, spiders aside, I like the green you made…


    • Hi Lydia, I guess it was dark and cool inside the crate of carrots! Like you, I think of red backs as spiders that like it best in the dark and prefer to stay out of sight. I never would have known she was there except that I submerged her home and she had no choice but to rise to the top.


  3. Liz

    Celery green from carrot tops … I love it


  4. Susan

    ARGH, and now our summer and ‘tons’ of carrot tops are GONE! Next year, I will remember. Thanks.


  5. aack. I just looked up the spider because it’s so striking…that’d be enough to put me off carrots with tops! Glad you saw her before she took a bite.


    • This is the most famous Australian spider… there is even a song! But in all my 50 years of living here I’ve never been bitten. My parents taught me never to put my fingers anywhere I couldn’t see into. As another reader said, this is a shy spider and finding it in carrot tops was a big surprise. Glad I saw her before she got cooked!


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