More summer socks

Sock knitting is an all year sport for me, and has been for years. And so, the procession of summer socks continues.  This yarn from Aotearoa/New Zealand is a lovely soft mix my beloved particularly appreciates.

These were finished before the holidays began, and duly handed over despite the first heat wave topping 40C!

2015-12-22 11.22.48





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9 responses to “More summer socks

  1. Susan

    40C ARGH at least they won’t melt and they will keep 🙂 Nice.


  2. Rebecca

    I have seen this yarn before but not used it. Does it wear well for socks despite being soft. I read recently that Southdown doesn’t felt and is therefore great for socks. I might try spinning for socks in my Spinning Cert. Sock yarn seems the height of utilty in yarn firm to me. Brava for year round sock knitting.


    • It does wear well. It has nylon content, which helps… The possum fur content does tend to gradually migrate out of the yarn and form a halo on the sole, which means the sole becomes a different colour over time (darker). My beloved views this with interest but does not report any loss of pleasure in wearing the socks!

      The Spinning Certificate is exciting news! Our Guild no longer has tutors provided to offer it, which has been the subject of some regret and consternation in recent years, without any solution emerging yet.

      I agree, sock yarn is an exemplar of utilitarian yarn. I made an internet and book study and spun my first sock yarns (with real knowledge, at any rate!) from Suffolk on the basis of that. Then did a class on sock knitting with someone from your Guild. It confirmed many of my existing understandings, but in person is always different. I have a large skein of handspun sock yarn made from a blend I picked up at Bendigo that is finer than 4 ply–that has intimidated me, but I’ve knit all my other handspun sock yarns and tried blends with bamboo fibre and mohair and silk. Southdown should be entirely suitable. I’ve a small quantity of Suffolk which is another classic breed for socks. It is washed, undyed and not the best quality possible. I am planning sock yarn spinning this year too. Since that is what I knit… it seems logical!


      • Rebecca

        Thank you for such a comprehensive reply. This is so useful. I wonder if it is the down breeds in general that are good for socks? I have some shropshire here that i could try. I do feel the call of the sock yarn research but I shall hold off for now till a strategic convenient time emerges. Shame about your Cert. Things may change…our course had overwhelming interest. They had to put on extra tutors! Something is in the wind I reckon.


      • That’s good news! Sniffing the breeze after rain over here… Checking if it is on the wind here too 🙂


  3. Oh yes, I have one pair knitted in this and lots more stashed for future projects. Lovely yarn.


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