Socks, some more, again, still

2016-02-25 11.33.10

These socks arose from my holiday gift of sock yarn.  Here I am casting on, on the train.

2016-03-03 18.05.04

Clearly I didn’t consider sock in progress shots too often.  This one seems to be another train shot on a sunny day.  The design is Jaywalker, by Grumperina.  One of the designs I can hold in my tiny mind even on public transport.

2016-04-09 16.42.34

And here they are, done and ready to be rolled, tied and delivered to their new owner, a dear friend who I think will enjoy them… the next pair have been cast on from the handspun sock yarn I’ve made recently.  I have had them with me on busy public transport a few times already and in between the people who are surprised to find that anyone can still knit, there was an eye-and-gesture-conversation with some tourists who seemed to be Chinese and who were clearly intrigued, and another conversation with an out of practice knitter who had never seen socks knit on two circulars and who had been planing to cast on a tea cosy for some years without actually managing to do it.  So, my friends, if you are unable to start conversations on public transport, I have a strategy for you…





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6 responses to “Socks, some more, again, still

  1. Khendra

    Yeah, it’s true, pull out your knitting and people come over and start talking to you. Lots of fun! I have my knitting with me wherever I go. People look surprised at toe-up socks, too!
    Beautiful socks! Are they jaywalkers?

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  2. Susan

    Priceless and unfortunately true! I had someone ask me, while I was spinning on a spinning wheel……….if I was weaving! How out of touch can we get ?


  3. Holy monkey, you are fast! So pretty!


    • I think they’re pretty too, and I believe the recipient does too. Sher’s a woman of some style, so that’s really a compliment. I don’t know about fast, but I’ll take it. Thanks!


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