2016-04-12 08.15.12

It is time to get cuttings in or miss the season completely… so I was out again before work looking for likely prospects.  As I mentioned last time I was writing about guerilla gardening, there is some severe pruning when plants try to take over roads in my neighbourhood, and here is myoporum parvifolium trimmed back off the kerb to prove the point.

2016-04-12 08.09.22

I collected seed while I was out.  This bluebush is still fruiting but not ripe.  I collected from one near the tram where the seeds have turned black (indicating ripeness), much to the interest of one commuter.  The rest seemed blessedly uninterested and one was sleeping while almost upright.

2016-04-12 08.19.12

I collected seed from the bladder saltbush.

2016-04-12 08.07.56

I admired the spread of some myoporum I planted at least a year ago.

2016-04-12 08.04.37

This one was so big I took cuttings from it! So far, it has been overlooked in the pruning regime and is happily out onto the road.

2016-04-12 08.01.48

So, now I have all manner of cuttings hopefully sending out roots as I write…

2016-04-16 10.03.21

As well as seedlings still waiting their turn to go out into the big wide world now it has started to rain.  Ah, blessed rain.

2016-04-16 10.03.10


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9 responses to “Propagating

  1. purplejulian

    all looks wonderfully successful, congratulations so admire what you do!


  2. Susan

    Big pile of ‘stuff’ to work with! Good luck 🙂

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  3. I’ve been trying to grow Indigofera australis from seed. They have hardly grown at all during summer. But, I have two (out of 12) that are still growing, so brought them indoors. Keeping my fingers crossed!


    • I understand that they can be hard to germinate, so I think this is an achievement indeed! If you decide to try growing more, my most recent research suggested the boiling water method: pour boiling water over the seed and soak overnight, then plant. I hope your two little darlings grow and thrive!


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