A quick spin…

A friend came around for an exchange of books and thoughts on dyeing and, as it turned out, an exchange of gifts! She had some naturally brown and lovely greasy sheep fleece of unknown breed that she will not be able to take on her next big adventure.  That was a gift to me!  For some reason, a day or two later I felt the urge to wash it. Who can explain this? But–washing fleece is one of those jobs where I have made an in-principle decision.  If I ever feel like doing it, and I can do it, I just leap in and do it.  The urge doesn’t come upon me very often.

2016-04-23 14.05.57

The fleece was lovely actually, long locks, little chaff and rather soft.  It reminds me of the Finn X that is sold at my Guild by a local grower. It carded up beautifully. Apparently the manageable quantity was irresistible… as I have entire fleeces awaiting me….

2016-04-23 16.22.51

Here is the finished yarn, which I intend to give back so my friend can enjoy knitting it.

2016-05-02 16.14.57

And here is  a yarn created from carding and combing waste over the last while… I am not sure what its final use might be, but here it is in all its neppy glory!

2016-05-02 16.15.06



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11 responses to “A quick spin…

  1. Surprising how the immediate overtakes the queue! I have to school myself to work through my fleeces. My greatest triumph is finishing a fleece I bought in 1997! Still in good nick and it’s turned out well. Now there’s only two alpaca fleeces and how many sheep fleeces , I had better plan for a long life 😂

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  2. PS fotgotto say the washed fleece and spun wool looks good enough to eat!

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  3. Susan

    Wool Lust? How can any of us resist FREE?? I WILL live to be 105 to finish all my fleeces 🙂


  4. Susan

    AND you did a great job!! I love grey……


  5. Lovely! This is very exciting, I can’t wait! Thanks Mary 🙂

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